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Support Blazing Catfur. A Few Words From Mark Steyn

Best-selling author and commentator Mark Steyn talks about the state of today's media landscape, freedom of speech and an intrepid blogger who's getting sued merely for linking to one of Steyn's articles. It's a fine commentary on the Bizarro world we live in.

Listen, Blazing Catfur is breaking the stories that too many of Canada's brain-dead mono-dailies don't want to go anywhere near. It's tough work. It's very serious work. It's a very funny thing that's happening in the world right now, when wacky websites with screwy names, little stories turn up on them and then eventually one or two of the newspapers pick them up and then eventually, some government minister in Ottawa will react and take action to it. But it starts with the nothing little websites with the funny names which is why we need to keep them going. Blazing Catfur is being sued for half a million dollars because he linked to my website. You should be supporting Blazing Catfur and you should be telling (CENSORED! CENSORED! CENSORED!)... lawsuits all week long.

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist.


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