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Adbusters Gets Desperate

adbusters busted free speech gaza warsaw ghetto rights democracy corporateThe saga of the Adbusters Gaza-Warsaw Ghetto photo essay non-censorship continues. Following up from The Propagandist's dismantling of Adbusters Editor Kalle Lasn's rationalizations for trying to smear Israelis with the Nazi brush, we (along with many others -- Lasn's evidently never been introduced to the Bcc button) received the following email:

a few of you sent thoughtful emails, even poignantly so . . . about half of you were just offensive ("Kalle Lasn is a worthless anti-semitic piece of swine!") . . . and almost all of you missed the point that I was trying to make, which is that we are not China or Burma or Zimbabwe . . . we can viscerally disagree with each other, but this should not result in our magazine being pulled off the newsstands. This point is gently made in James Adams' article in today's Globe and Mail:

Hilariously, the article Lasn points to in his own defense fatally undermines his conspiracy theory in the second paragraph:

Lisa Gibson, director of communications and corporate affairs for Shoppers, confirmed Tuesday that the chain will no longer sell Adbusters, starting with the bi-monthly’s year-end issue out later this month. “We only have a certain amount of magazine shelf space allotted to us in each store. So we do a fairly regular review of the magazine assortment and look at sales and other things. So it was actually pulled as part of that review.”  

This isn't about free speech. It's about the free market deciding what it likes and doesn't like. And since shop keepers and consumers have decided they don't like what Lasn is selling, he's decided he ought to have the right to propagandize down people's throats. One responder to Lasn's email, a clear-thinking fellow named Michael Ross, hit the nail on the head:

Free speech also means allowing others to hold your views in the contempt they deserve and to heap scorn on your ahistorical and one-sided obsession with the Jews.


You have to laugh at the hypocricy of a lefty magazine editor who cries over the loss of corporate sponsorship. You are nothing, if not the author of your own satire


Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist.


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