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With Allies Like These, Who Needs Allies?

pakistan usa afghanistan allies politics international relationsThe USA's staunch ally, Pakistan, has shut down a vital supply route for NATO forces in Afghanistan. As such, all shipments are now ferried through a single choke-point that Pakistan's one-million man army evidently refused to guard (and which Pakistan refuses to let NATO troops secure), leaving NATO trucks to the tender mercies of the Taliban.

The reason for Pakistan's strange new policy? American helicopters apparently killed Pakistani soldiers on the border.

And why did the pilots of these helicopters shoot at the Pakistanis? Because the Pakistanis were shooting at them first.

Thanks for nothing, friend.

UPDATE: USA apologizes to Pakistan: "We're very sorry we fired back at your Pakistani soldiers who were shooting at us from Pakistan into Afghanistan airspace. Can we go back to killing our, er, mutual enemy now?"

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist.


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