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Equador's Eco-Gangsterism

ecuador jungle ecoterrorism oil industry united nations"That's a nice bio-diverse carbon-sink ecosystem we've got here," says Ecuador to the rich nations of the world. "Be a shame if something were to happen to it."

"Wait a minute," the developed world says. "That's your jungle. You don't have to drill for oil there if you don't want to. And besides, last time we gave you a loan, you defaulted, so how do we know you're going to keep your word?"

"Hey, that's fine with me," Ecuador snaps back. "You guys want to see a bunch of rare and exotic species disappear, that's fine. You want to ruin the environment. I get it."

"But, but, but..." the developed world pleads. "They're your rare and exotic species. And it's your environment. Don't you want to protect them?"

"Look, I need the money," Ecuador says. "You gonna pay up, or what? 'Cuz I got some petroleum engineers waiting outside. You got to decide now."

"Hey, developed world," Burma interrupts, poking its nose in the room. "Once you're done in here, I got an offer you can't refuse. Pay me $10 billion in the next 24 hours or I chop down every single tree in my country and ship them to China. See ya."

Jonathon Narvey is the Editor of The Propagandist.


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