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Event. First Annual Free Thinking Film Festival November 12

free thinking film festival ottawa 2010 politics political documentaryOn November 12th, 2010, the Free Thinking Film Society kicks off the first film festival in Canada to celebrate freedom and liberty. The First Annual Free Thinking

Film Festival will feature three huge Galas, and over 19 films, panel discussions, and lectures. In addition, festival attendees will be able to relax at Free Thinking Alley where they can browse the literature of our supporters, buy books and DVDs, enjoy a bite to eat, and meet other enthusiasts.

"There are a lot of courageous voices in the non-fiction film industry producing thoughtful pieces of art which reject cultural relativism and the 'blame America' bandwagon," says Free Thinking Film Festival President Fred Litwin. "But you wouldn't know it by looking at the listings for most art house cinemas. Our festival shows the kinds of films that some theatres seem to be afraid to show."

The Festival opens on November 12th with the Canadian premiere of "Kalifornistan," which follows the deranged leader of a terror cell called 'Glorious Jihad of Kalifornistan' as he plots to destroy Los Angeles with his 'mighty plutonium superbomb' - while being distracted by a beautiful dancer. The film was produced by Jason Apuzzo and Govindini Murty - who also stars in the film and who is from Ottawa.

The opening night Gala will also be a fundraiser for the Military Family Resource Centre - which serves the military population of the National Capital Region, which consists of approximately 6,100 military members and their families.

On November 13th, French reporter Philippe Karsenty, internationally known media analyst and founder of Media-Ratings, a media watchdog which monitors the media in France will lecture at the Archives. Karsenty exposed the false allegations that Israeli soldiers killed a 12-year old Palestinian, Mohammed al-Dura during a gun battle in Gaza in 2000.

The Festival will end with the showing of "The Stoning of Soraya M," an independent film, set in an Iranian village in the late 1980s, It tells the story of a woman falsely accused of adultery, then put to death according to religious laws enacted after the country's Islamic revolution. Writer-Director Cyrus Nowrasteh will be in

attendance to answer questions.

In between the 3 Gala events, the Festival will show 19 films like "The Cartel," a film about the power of unions in public schools; "Mugabe and the White African," a film about the injustice of the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe; "Generation Zero," a film about the cultural roots of the global financial meltdown; "Atomic Jihad," a film about Iranian President Ahmadinejad's coming war for Islamic revival; "Mr. Conservative," a surprising look at the life of Barry Goldwater; "Do As I Say," a film about liberal hypocrisy; "For Neda," a look at the brave woman Neda Agha-Soltan who was murdered by Iranian militia during protests against Iran's fraudulent election; "Conflict: The Power of Propaganda," a Canadian film which looks at media bias against Israel;

and "Outside the Great Wall," a look at 12 prominent Chinese intellectuals and artist

fighting for democracy in China.


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